T&D is committed to ensuring that student athletes in Illinois and Indiana have options to further their skill-set with the game of basketball. This means that our program is affordable for many. However, for those who may have difficulty in meeting our payment options, we provide fundraising options to families. Our goal is to teach young boys and girls the importance of hard work and discipline on and off the court.  We believe that we need to encourage players, and family members to be creative in helping to raise the necessary funds to participate in our low-cost, high-return AAU program. To that end, we have partnered with an international program called Snap! to navigate the fundraising process so that these student athletes can focus on the learning process as opposed to the costs of basketball. 

Snap! is a social donation platform developed through years of fundraising experience as a fundraising solution for groups small and large. Snap allows you to effectively manage your fundraiser from start to finish, saving you time to focus on whats important while raising more money for your cause than you ever thought possible. Fundraiser participants & supporters will be able to utilize our donation platform to send out donation requests via email, social media, and SMS to your potential supporters. Snap’s unique interface and integration with social media allows you to reach out to a larger participating audience, take in donations quicker and track your progress all through a user friendly platform. Most importantly with Snap, supporters have the freedom to pay for donations with their Credit or Debit cards which are then securely processed.

We are kicking off a new fundraiser this year using the ‘Snap!’ program that allows us to use email, social media, and text messaging to quickly raise money for our team. All that is asked of each participant is that they gather 20 or more email addresses of family, relatives & potential supporters that may be willing to donate to our cause. Your contacts are strictly private & protected; they will simply receive a personalized donation request on behalf of your student during our fundraiser. For more information, please click on the links below:


TDBA 3rd-6th Form



TDBA 7-9th Form


We are Snap Raise from Snap! Raise on Vimeo.