At T&D, we aim to provide a fun and safe environment for youth to play basketball. Our program is based around the quality of our coaches. Our coaches focus on helping our players improve their individual skill sets within the framework of the building a true team concept.

With superior coaching and a focus on skill development,  we will look to develop all levels of player from beginner to Division I scholarship athletes!

We are blessed with a diverse and highly qualified coaching staff.

Dwayne Mister has over 11 years coaching experience with youth of various ages and skill level. He is an NCAA certified coach and also coaches for an AAU team in Chicago called Spartans.  He is the Program coordinator for Spartans basketball has coached 16U and 17U national teams.


Tommie Meyers graduated from St. Patrick High School in Chicago after an illustrious prep career. His purpose driven approach to teaching the game has made a significant difference in the lives of the athletes he has worked with. Coach Tommie has over 10 years of coaching experience at various age levels and skill-sets. Coach Meyers enjoys working with young student athletes because he believes they are open to learning, working hard, and are focused on learning fundamentals.


Overall Coaching Philosophy?


AAU basketball should help players improve their individual skills and their ability to play within a team concept. The competition and intensity we have in practice and how we play in games are designed to develop players for high school success. Players should love to play basketball and should enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves. The importance we attach to skill development, learning to be part of a team, forming friendships, and playing with passion during the AAU season comes from different types of coaching experience in basketball.


What is the T&D philosophy on playing time?


Playing time is earned on this team. We strive to play as many players as we can in meaningful ways during games as each player on the team has an important set of skills or role that is valuable to the team. That said, there will likely be a few tournaments where good players on the roster, who happen to be behind better players on the team’s depth chart, might not get playing time in games.